Hello angels! As you can probably guess from the title this one is pretty self explanatory. I AM ON THE London Underground! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Throughout my journey as a look fantastic ambassador I have been given some amazing opportunities but this campaign has to top it all.

Working on such an amazing campaign with such an incredible brand like Lookfantastic has honestly been the highlight of my career so far. The whole concept surrounding the ‘I AM FANTASTIC’ campaign is a beautiful one. It reaches out to everyone and conveys such a strong and powerful message. Click here to see the campaign.

We all our fantastic and every single time I watch the campaign I cry because it really touches me. I was lucky to be bought up in a family who were extremely complimentary and taught me to be the same, I give praise and compliments all the time and I also have no shame in accepting them. However for a lot of people this isn’t the case. So for such a massive brand to share the message that we should be worshipping our flaws and accepting what makes us fantastic, truly is an incredible campaign.

It is being featured on the London Underground at specific stations including green park, Oxford Circus and many more. I AM ON THE HUNT TO GO AND FIND IT!!

Have a look at my vlog from this week so you can see my utter excitement regarding the campaign! Click here to see my video.

I AM VIBRANT. What are you angels?



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