STOP RIGHT THERE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I NEED MY LEGS TO BE THIS SOFT TO TOUCH. See what I did there? OMG I can’t even explain to you how obsessed I am with this product. I never ever thought I’d be writing a blog post about a shaver but I neeeeeeed to share this with you. Emphasis on the NEED. Girls, I am that girl that doesn’t really like shaving, I probably shouldn’t be admitting this but that’s just how it is. I’d rather wear knee high boots than shave my legs and get a rash, or lumpy bumpy bits from friction, or cut knees and round by my ankles. That was until I found FRICTION FREE SHAVING.

I used to use men’s razors because I felt as though they were move heavy duty and stronger especially with my dark hair but they used to cut me because they were meant for different textured hair, i.e MENS. This razor not only feels heavyweight and sturdy like a mans razor but its feminine with its rose gold exterior. Honeys you gotta have a pretty razor to match our pretty SMOOTH legs!

It comes as a monthly subscription which I think is just a massive plus too because now I don’t have to remember to buy a new razor or a new blade because I get it straight to my doorstep for as little as 5 POUNDS A MONTH! You get the razor and four blades so you can change your blade each week which makes it so much more hygienic preventing any rashes or lumps to appear. Normally I don’t trust things which sound too good to be true but I’m so glad I tried this out because not only is it cheap and affordable but its worth so much more than the price, I feel like thats the first time I’ve ever said that about the product.

I ordered mine to come with this incredible shaving cream which has been specifically developed to not cause irritation and reduce friction so you can get an ever tighter shave. I promise you, I can’t even explain how amazing this shaver is and along with this cream its just LIFE. The cream is formed of Manuka honey, coconut oil and Shea butter all of which are not only amazing for your skin but works in perfect matrimony with the razor. The healing properties of all three ingredients are a fail safe for anyone with sensitive and dry skin but also perfect for normal and oily skin because as a trio they work perfectly to create balance on the skin leaving me with the smoothest legs and underarms I’ve ever had.

The whole concept behind the brand too is something I fell in love with. The idea of FFS, friction free shaving saving us from those ‘FFS’ moments. Listen from one hun to another when shaving in private areas especially I really struggled with shavers, the ones that give me rashes because the soap strip is too scented or the ones that simply cut me to shreds and I sit with a towel for ages to stop the bleeding then you get little red dots everywhere or the ones that cause those terrible bumps. This just DOESN’T do that. I was just as surprised as you probably are reading this and you’ll be even more shocked when you try it!

The razor I have here is the Samantha and honestly this shaver has changed the way I shave and my views on shaving, it really is a life SHAVIOUR. Its hassle free, I don’t have lumpy bumpy bits, its the closest, smoothest shave I’ve ever had and its affordable. I don’t know where I was before it now. Thanks Friction Free Shaving, you simply da best! To join me on the FFS hype and let me SHAVE your life click HERE

Thank me later, until next time angels I’m going to love you and leave you. I love you <3

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